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Relax, Rejuvenate, Revive with Detox

Our unique Destination Detox program is a complete preventative health odyssey for your body, mind and spirit. Escape to a lush and peaceful sanctuary in Kerala, Southern India and learn valuable skills which will last a lifetime …

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Why our program is unique

  • The Destination Detox program runs 12 days, the minimum recommended to achieve sustainable results
  • It addresses all aspects of detoxification: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Program supervised by an Australian-qualified experienced Naturopath
  • Fully supported by a pioneering advocate of the holistic health of mind, body and spirit
  • Program based on the ancient tradition of Ayurvedic Medicine
  • After the program, you will experience a total health transformation
  • You will have cleaned your gut from the inside out and cleared your mind
  • You will have precious insights into undesirable behaviours you can now address

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A Mind and Body Detox.

An exclusive feature of the Destination Detox program is the mind + body approach to detoxification; ensuring patients complete the program with a clean gut and a clear mind. Tailored post-detoxification support, mentoring, diet and supplemental follow-ups with our Naturopath/Nutritionist for two weeks are also provided to ensure that maximum, long-term benefits are achieved.

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Gain physical and psychological well-being
Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and come home a clean body and mind

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Stress less and respond more skilfully
After learning key skills you’ll be better equipped to respond rather than react to life’s challenges

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Feel more confident and have greater mental resilience
Learning to work skilfully with emotions and impulses to cultivate a sense of inner strength

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Gain a new sense of liberation
Through meditation, mindfulness, therapeutic breathing and breaking free of bad habits

"I am feeling great after two weeks. The practitioners are very focused and I have absolute confidence in Ayurvedic doctor and staff here. I have been to many places in India and paid a lot more, but I find this place by far the best. "

− Renu Kaistha, Accountant and Homemaker

"I am feeling light and stress free after two weeks. My mind is relaxed and I am ready to take on more work now. I would highly recommend to my friend in the modeling world and I believe they would benefit from the detox as I have. "

− Madhu Bala, Professional Model

"My wife and I are very happy with the treatment here and would come back next year and tell our family and friends about it. There are many places for Ayurvedic treatment in India and we think, this is the best place so far for us."

− C A Krishnan, Government Servant

Our Location

The detoxification program is run in a private clinic in Kerala, India. Kerala is a sliver of a state in India’s deep south, is shaped by its landscape – almost 600km of glorious Arabian Sea coast and beaches.